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Stay connected with Fast, Reliable and Affordable internet

Storm is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides quality and reliable internet and other related services across all locations. Our quality of service delivery and exceptional customer satisfaction is what differentiates us from other service providers. Storm the net without worries, because we’ve got you covered!

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Storms’ Benefits

You no longer need to complain about slow internet or no internet at all in your vicinity. Storm comes with great benefits that meets your basic internet needs with very affordable plans. Here are our great benefits:

Unique design of network and services

Storm has developed a unique design of its network and services.

High speed connectivity

High speed quality connectivity solutions designed for Corporate and Residential Customers.

Great support

We have a support line to offer you valuable after sales support.

Value added services

Value added storage, hosting & video conferencing solutions providing cost savings to the operations of your business.

Wide variety of features

We offer a wide variety of features through our dedicated website that makes emailing and surfing the Internet fun!

Custom solution

We offer custom solution unique to the requirement of each business.

Full redundancy

Full redundancy on every layer of network connection.


This plan is based solely on bandwidth shared with other users. i.e if your node recieves 100MBPs and it is shared with 10 other users, you each get 10MBPs. A fair usage policy might be placed on this and it is cheaper than the dedicated/unlimited.

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This plan is based solely on bandwidth shared with other users, it is designed to enable you have reliable access to data, voice and video streaming. This plan supports enterprises that deals with large bandwidth data plan e.g. Hotels, Malls, Plazas, lounges etc.

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Enable adventurous learning in a safe environment with our unique, fast, secure and reliable broadband service.

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Get the fastest home internet at a cheap rate. Stream videos,play games and download large files at blazing speed.

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